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Long-Tailed Chinchilla (Chinchilla lanigera)

Chinchillas are cute small rodents that many people love to keep as pets. But with how popular they are, they are endangered. What more can we find out about these little guys?

Behavior and Physical Traits

Chinchillas are small rodents often having a long fluffy tail. They also have large ears and a chubby body, which is why they make for popular pets. Their fur is often gray in appearance with each strand having a black tip.

Chinchillas are popular pets in South America, although they are very high maintenance. This is because they do not sweat, and their teeth continually grow throughout their lives. This means that they have to be in a controlled environment, and have to visit the dentist often.

In order to escape predators, they can jump 6 feet into the air and even urinate on them.

Distribution and Habitat

They are currently marked as an endangered species, according to the IUCN Red List. That is because their distribution is only a small sliver inside of Chile. The main reason for this is due to poachers, and people using them for fur.

These Chinchillas love to live in burrows and rocks. They are very social beings that can be in herds with as much as 100 individuals. So imagine what it must be like to have them crawl all over you while you are laying in bed.

Hopefully we will see a reemergence of these little guys.

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Enjoy this informational video below about these amazing creatures before you go!

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