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Venezuelan Poodle Moth (Dot-lined White (Artace cribraria))

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

This moth is most often connected with Artace cribraria (The Dot-lined White). It garnered popularity when it made the news back in 2009 when a photo of it (By Zoologist, Arthur Anker) went viral. One of the reasons was that some of its physical characteristics looking similar to that of a poodle. So what exactly is this moth, and what are some facts behind it?

Physical characteristics and Behavior

This moth is most well known for its furry body and the little "balls" of fur on its legs. As a result of this pattern, many people have compared it to a groomed poodle. Since it is also attracted to light, and is nocturnal, you are more likely to see one if you leave your porch light on.

In its Larva stage, it uses a form of mimicry to look like a twig. This helps it to hide from larger predators long enough for it to go into metamorphosis. It does seem to get whiter and start to grow more fur as it gets closer to its chrysalis form.

Distribution and Habitat

Data shows that it is distributed across the southeast of the United States, mostly residing in Florida and Texas. Newer data points from other maps show that is has been spotted in Central America as well. The main habitat seems to be in forests.

There does not seem to be much information as of yet about these little guys. But they do seem to be spotted more and more the past few years.

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