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Dr. Reginald Finley Sr is currently an Adjunct Professor of Science Understanding and Science Literacy at Franklin University. He's a member of the Teacher Institute for Evolutionary Science (TIES) and he is also a life science educator with Coweta Public Schools in Georgia.

He is an Army Veteran and former federal law enforcement officer. Reggie was a talk show host for 12 years during which he took a critical and engaging look at the world around him. He has founded many websites and organizations, all of which are related to critical thinking and/or the promotion of science and scientific methodology.

Reggie holds a Ph.D. in Science Education, a Master of Science degree in Biology, a Master of Education degree in Science, a Bachelor of Science in Human Development, and an Associate's degree in Liberal Arts. He is currently earning a Master of Public Health degree (2024).

His current projects are developing videos challenging people to think more critically and scientifically along with his sidekick Phāgy.

Dr. Reginald Finley, Sr., Ph.D.


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