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Coronavirus Claims Lives of Thousands of Minks

When it comes to COVID-19, people generally believe that it is just a human issue. That said, this coronavirus can easily spread to other animals as well. This is happening to Mink farms in Utah, where thousands of minks are dying as a result of contracting this deadly virus.

Thousands of minks dead

Over the past 2 weeks, 9 mink fur mills in Utah had to quarantine in 2 counties due to the outbreak of this virus. Over 8000 minks have died as a result of catching this deadly virus. It is believed that the virus jumped to the minks from humans, but there is no evidence thus far that shows that the virus can go back from minks to humans.

“We genuinely don’t feel like there is much of a risk going from the mink to the people,” said Dr. Dean Taylor, the lead veterinarian who is investigating the outbreak.

That said, there is a limited study that shows that it is possible for the virus to jump from minks back to humans. Similar outbreaks have happened in the Neatherlands, Denmark, and Spain, and as many as 1 million animals had to be euthanized as a result of this contagion.

Is it necessary to farm minks?

Similar to humans, the virus only seems to kill the older individuals. But that said, it begs the question of whether animal farms like this one are necessary to the potential risk they carry of spreading disease. Mink is considered a luxury item[sic] that is ultimately unnecessary and causes a lot of harm to the animals that are being killed just for their fur.

It seems negligent for fur farms to stay open during the pandemic, or even at all due to the massive amount of harm that they can do to people as well as the animals. But these countries do not seem to be willing to shut down operations anytime soon.

Watch this video below to learn more about the massive number of minks that are being killed.

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