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About Amazing Life


AmazingLife.Bio was created in 2016, by Dr. Reginald V. Finley Sr. to expose students to our planet’s amazing biodiversity. The site was inspired the previous year by a segment in Mr. Finley's class that he dubbed, Organism of the Day. It was a hit among the students and they loved it. He teamed up with fellow science enthusiasts and educators to bring to life AmazingLife.Bio, an educational resource site for middle, high school, and first-year college students primarily in the life sciences.


It is our hope to provide a fun and engaging site for students, teachers, and the curious to learn about their amazing biological world. Here at Amazing Life, we hand-picked many of the species that we thought were just totally awesome. Okay, some are just downright nasty and disgusting, but they’re still pretty amazing!


We also feature evidence-based articles related to health, skepticism, and other sciences from time to time to encourage critical thinking, broaden science knowledge, and inoculate citizens against fake news and false claims.


We enjoy feedback and respond fairly quickly to all inquiries and comments. You can contact Reggie anytime at:


To Life and Reason.

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