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Welcome to Amazing Life

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

The concept of Amazing Life was conceived by Reginald Finley Sr in October 2015. To grab his student’s attention and interest in biology, he started a presentation called, “The Organism of The Day”. It was a hit and the students loved it. He considered how cool it would be to have a single resource where he could expose students to our planet’s amazing biodiversity and one that students could be activity engaged in and share knowledge with each other.

In January 2016, his long-time friend Mike Tomlinson (also an educator) discussed the possibility of working together on a project educating students about the amazing life we have on the planet. Within a period of two days, AmazingLife.Bio was born.

It is our hope to provide a fun and engaging site for students, teachers, and the curious to learn about their amazing biological world. Here at Amazing Life, we hand-picked many of the species that we thought were just totally awesome. Okay, some are just downright nasty and disgusting, but they’re still pretty amazing!

The official launch date is March 2016. If you are here early, welcome! We enjoy feedback and respond fairly quickly to all inquiries and comments. You can contact me anytime at:

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