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Ogre-Faced Spider (Deinopis spinosa)

This odd-looking spider is great at hiding. This is because its body mimics that of a twig, which allows it to hide along branches. It also has an odd feature that allows it to hear through its legs. How does it do this? Let's find out more!

Physical Description and Behavior

This spider has a very long brown body with long legs to boot. The most notable feature of them, however, are their two large, dark eyes that appear to stare into one's soul. They use these eyes as a way to spot prey in the dark. Usually, spiders have

Recently, studies have shown that this otherwise barely known spider is able to hear things from up to 6 feet away. It does this by using sensory receptors on its legs. These receptors collect information from sound waves and transfer it into their brain, not unlike eardrums.

They can not only hear the low-frequency sounds of insect wing beats but can also hear the high-frequency sounds such as bird chirps. This helps to protect them from birds, while also giving them an advantage while hunting.

hen it is time for them to hut, they will climb into tall plants and dangle from leaves or branches. When it senses prey, it will actually jump backward to capture it. They spit out a net of webbing to keep the pray from moving before devouring it. This is certainly a strange way to catch food. It is often considered to be a small kind of square web that they use to trap insects.

Habitat and Location

These spiders spread across the south, being seen from Eastern Texas down to Florida, then back up to North Carolina. Some can even be found in Venezuela, but the information on that seems sparse and hard to find.

To see this spider in action, pinning its web and striking, check out this video!

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