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The Spring hare (Pedetes capensis)

Hares generally look like rabbits in the eyes of many. But this furry fella looks more like a smaller kangaroo. Why is that? Well, let's look at the science and find out for ourselves!

Physical Description and Behavior

The spring hair stands on its well-developed hind legs, and can even leap over 6 feet in a single bound. They are about a foot and a half long and can weigh almost 7 pounds on average. They are well known for traveling by hopping like a kangaroo, and even has a face that looks similar to a muzzle of a kangaroo.

These rodents look anywhere from a reddish-brown to a more grayish color. Their tail is very long, covered in fur, and ends with a black tip. They are able to cover their ears when they are digging in order to prevent dirt from going through. They are mainly herbivorous and eat barley, oats, and wheat.

They are mainly nocturnal and use their claws to dig tunnels that they sleep in during the day. This digging mainly happens during the rainy season when the soil is wet and easier to dig through. They can give birth at any time of year, and often make long circular tunnels with one other Spring Hare.

Habitat and Location

They live mainly in South Africa. From Angola and Zambia all the way down to Cape Town and the bottom of Botswana. They also live from the shores of Nambimia all the way to Zimbabwe. Living mainly in dry and sandy locations

According to the IUCN Red List, they are considered to be of least concern, although their population trend is not yet known.

To check out more information about them and to see them in action, watch the video below.

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